'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’ 'love' 'change' 'hope' 'pain' 'redemption'

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It only took seven seconds to notice your presence,It only took seven seconds for our eyes to meet,It only took seven seconds for my heart to decide,It only took seven seconds for my mind to question,
Oh what a web we weave, when we are in belief. Whether it be a happy home, or a good poem, don't forget... you'll always be alone. Don't cry, laugh. Don't go home, just stay at work and make cash.
Always caring, but never cared for.
Dear Jarod,   You were something toxic So much more than just average The way you smiled Felt like something of privilege
I sat down next to you in class And you said hello. I gave you my number And you said you'd text me soon. I became your friend And you said that was enough. I laughed at jokes that weren't funny
When you're young, you're naive You think about love You dream about love But you don't know love I thought I knew love I was wrong You'd tell me
I am not her I do not have the effortless waves that fall below her shoulders The works of art created that exceeds any previously set expectations   The good grades Top athlete awards Perfect social status
"You're not a parasite", I try to convince myself However, this facade will not work forever. I become too attached to people Slowly I start living off that person like a host I am bothersome; I am selfish.
Because I love you This is a phrase That will live on this earth for the rest of my days Driving, thriving, surviving forward
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