Parallel Universe

Mon, 07/13/2020 - 13:22 -- Tee Jay

Two-way street
The Unplanned
And to be Planned.

Life is given
The unfortunate is unpredictable
Measures are given
The future is not promised.

Wonder in the mist
Where are you going?
Look back but walk straight,
Walk straight but take back

The sun shines
But reality reflects back
The rain washes away
But I can still smell,
The smell of your perfume.

I had a dream,
I woke up and realised,
I am comfortably exhausted
It's true without any mistakes.

The pain is ordinary
The hurts are forever and forgiven
The feeling of great sadness
Left me scarred for life.

I will not speak in positive Present Perfect Continuous Tense
I am not friends with life.

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