Painful Ignition. Necessary Combustion.


I am afraid.

I am afraid of everything.

I'm not afraid of spiders, snakes, or tigers.

I'm not afraid of the living.

Still, I am afraid. 

Still, I am awake.


I am alone.

I am alone in a lion's den.

I can hear the breath of the enemy.

I can smell my own fear.

Still, I am alone.

Still, I am afraid.


I am a rebel.

I am a rebel at heart.

I am slave to my action response.

I am waiting for the trigger.

Soon, I am a rebel.

Soon, I am a flame.


I am a spark.

I am a flame.

I am a fire.

I am a combustion.

I am an explosion.


Though I am afraid, I am awake.

Though I am alone, i am a rebel.


Being awake and afraid are the ingredients for yet another revolution.

The enemy will ignite a spark and all at once, we don't feel so alone

And all at once we don't have to be afraid

And suddenly....


We are the spark.

We are the flame.

We are the unyielding fire.

We are the necessary combustion.

We are the incredible explosion.

We are the rebellion.




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