Pain vs. Love

Love and Pain.

Pain and Love.

One a Raven—

The other a Dove.


Two different things?

Not really, no.

They exist together-

A friend and a foe.


Though love is ‘good’

And pain is ‘bad’

Love can make people

Disheartened and sad.


And though pain can hurt

For some it’s not so.

They crave the feeling

Wherever they go.


Wanting love, in contrast,

Really isn’t that great.

It causes problems

That most people hate.


In my opinion,

Affection and care

Are too…sentimental

For my cold-hearted air.


Don’t get me wrong-

I have feelings, too.

But they don’t matter much

To me, or to you.


Pain and Love.

Love and Pain.

Who says they aren’t

Exactly the same?



This poem is about: 
Our world



I hope you like my poem.

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