Thu, 04/04/2019 - 23:33 -- Cullan

Life is shit; Life ain’t fair

I don’t even fucking care

Grab a drink; pop a pill

Pray to god that this will kill

Heart Is beating; trouble breathing

I am sweating and I’m freezing

Vision blurry; All is black

Suffering a heart attack

Liver failure; Had a stroke

Hope to god I fucking choke

I can’t hear; I can’t think

I can’t even fucking blink

Time to sleep; Head to bed

Thank god I am fucking dead



I need Xanax and Adderall

Double dose on Lamictal

Took some Prozac; flushed it down

Need Zoloft to fix this frown

Stomach hurts; Took an Advil

Flushed it down with Benadryl

Tylenol to cure my pain

 Cocaine to fuck up my brain

1 gram of smack; too much oxy

10 grams of codeine from this party

Pop an antihistamine

Snort some methamphetamine

One last thing to make me sane

Inject Morphine into my vein


Life is over; I just quit

Please go dig my 6 foot pit










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