Over You

I remember the nights I cried over you

Made a fool of myself over you

Crossed two bridges, swam three oceans, and touched four stars for you

Lowered my self-esteem over you

Questioned my damn sanity over you!

I promise I would have died for you

Cannot believe I put my heart on the line for you

Even though you waited until it was in your hands to tell me you were clumsy, HOW DARE YOU!?

Now I'm sitting here thinking about you

What the f**k was I thinkin? I guess I really loved you (silly me)

But you couldn't seem to love me back,

In spite of the tears, the adventures, the self-destruction, the questioning of my sanity, all this crazy BULLSH*T over you!!

Thanks for showing me what I DON'T deserve

Now I'm so over you!


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