From the outside looking in

One side of an equation

One half of a perspective -

From the outside looking in,

I'd see the shine, the goodwill.

"They are just so cute,"

I hear,

"A perfect little pair."


Is there something wrong with me,

That I find them remote?


I hear their sides of stories

How the envision actions

And when I compare my thoughts with theirs

I see little that lines up.

They talk of battles I have started

When all I know are the defeats I've felt -

The losses they have thrown on me.


From the outside looking in,

I'd say they were in heaven -

Serene, self-aware, and found.

But I am on the inside,

I feel their faults and misgivings

Stronger than my own

(For they cover me at sleep).


They are London Bridge, tumbling down,

The winds careening through -

They are no longer tied to the ground.


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