Outside, I am put together,


Outside, I am put together, my hair is done, my makeup is done, my clothing is ironed,

Inside, I am a mess, with my mind racing, with my body craving sleep, I'm a mess. 

Outisde, I am the happy teenage girl everyone sees me to be, 

Inside, I am sad, fragile, and lonely, only hoping that no one will notice the slight crack in my smile. 

Outside, I have the confidence of a runway model, struttin' my stuff to the world, 

Inside, I am just hoping I can walk by without anyone noticing I'm  even there. 

Outisde, I listen to the people who compliment my hair, and tell me that I'm beautiful,

Inside, I look in the mirror and try to see what other people see, but everytime I fail.

Outside, I am a star. I stand center stage and sing my heart out, just wanted to be heard,

Inside, my heart is racing, my breath is short, and I fear the stage, but I love the voice. 

Outiside, I am sweet, helpful, and loving to everyone unconditionally, 

Inside, I wonder why no one treats me the same. 

Outside, I am the person I have always wanted to be,

Inside, I am just wishing that it is the true version of me. 



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