Out Of It

It's funny i ever  thought we would someday  be together

Maybe even grow old together

Even when we were under the weather

We would make each other feel better

Because we said we loved each other


But now I laugh at the thought of it

Cause I must of been off of it

Of my meds and  out of this world

To ever think you deserved to be in my world


My world of blist happiness and unforgiving love

Things you couldn't even imagine of

Cause you were so into that bitch

That bitch that broke your heart

That broke  promises  so much that you forgot to connect the dots    

So instead you fought yourself into a knot

A knot that involved me innocent me out of my dignity

Because I thought you were the holy- trinity of my femininity

But little did i know  it was all about your masculinity


But honestly i don’t blame you

I  was just like monopoly

Until you get on top of me

And realized i’m more like a book

So you took  a further look

Because I’m worth the look not pain

But it’s too late cause two can play this game

But it’s  a shame you refused to take the blame before I took  my aim at her

But don’t think I’m crazy  you just need to know she’s not  your baby

Just a devil in disguise that lies and cries into a web of lies

Until one of you dies



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