Our War


United States
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We're marching for our freedom and rights
Picking up a righteous fight
The streets are paved in black and white
So join us as we march for our morning light

Let's take a minute to celebrate
The war that Dr. King did create
Rosa Parks, have a seat, and at any rate
We'll be marching for our rights at stake

Mr. Brown, Topeka doesn't know that
Your daughter wants to go there
You want your girl to get an education
But can't because of segregation
Mr. Marshall to the front lines
We'll win the case in time
Segregation isn't equal
Score one for the eagle

Emmett Till, you're a comrade
Caught off the field of combat
Jumped on a dark night
Outnumbered, lost the fight
Buried in the river, we send our tears
We may have lost your trial but we're still here
Let us please have a moment in silence
For our brave brothers in Zion

Rosa Parks, this is warfare
And you were just sitting there
Colored section on a white bus
They made a big fuss
Because you wouldn't relinquish your seat
To a white man in the street
You got caught and arrested
But in your defense we're protesting

Orval Faubus, what are you doing?
What is your mind brewing?
Trying to stop desegregation
In a checkered nation
We're on presidential orders
So move aside, Orval!
The Little Rock Nine are students here now
Our little soldiers grew up so quick, wow!

Serial Sit-ins start popping up
Our nonviolent battle strategy? Yup.
The SNCC approves of this
Fighting against hoods and nazis with our wits
Segregation, what is segregation?
Freedom Riders getting beaten during their migration?
Riots starting because a black kid is in town?
Maybe it's just a legal racist beat down.

Martin Luther King is in jail
Sending a letter in the mail
Even in Birmingham he's the General
Better than Birmingham's Colonel
Commissioner Connor, can you hit me with the hose?
Maybe stick Fido on me and let's see how that goes
When the report came, what was written?
“Violent peaceful protestors peacefully beaten”?

Evars is murdered, one of our finest
Our NAACP secretary serves as a reminder
That the hood and swastika don't play by the rules
And Beckwith thought he could get away with it, the fool!
Black people are people too, it's a scientific fact
They bleed the same red blood and all that
If you stab them in the heart, they'll die too
Just exactly like a white person would do

I have a dream, let's march on Washington
Listen to our General speak in front of Abe's Monument
The crowd is more mocha than black
Would you look at that?
White people have joined our cause
Stand up and applaud!
Little did we know that four little girls would die
Killed by a bomber intending King's homicide.

Poll tax is abolished. Now Blacks can vote
Discrimination is over, Mr. Johnson wrote
Apparently the KKK weren't listening
Local cops weren't investigating
A federal investigation is started for civil rights workers
Two white and One black went missing together
They're found in an earthen dam
The klan's plan busted damn!

Malcolm X is shot to death
Black Muslims stole his breath
March on Montgomery stopped
Bloody Sunday happens pop
Why all the bloodshed on the peaceful
In our war to be equal?
50 hospitalized and not one carries a badge
How can you sell that as an accidental scratch?

Black Panthers, Black Power, they all raise an alarm
The war is suppose to be won without doing any harm
Maybe love can fill the air and soften their hearts
Like it did in Loving v. Virginia in the Supreme Court
Interracial Marriage isn't unconstitutional
Laws against it are though and they're brutal!
Race riots break out in Newark and Detroit
The eagle is still trying to raise its voice

Martin Luther King is shot
James Earl Ray is convicted
Johnson continues the discrimination prohibition
Black children are bused to public schools under court order
Public institutions can't segregate if they want to receive funds
Bush Senior quits struggling and strengthens civil rights
Racism still around, as proved in Los Angeles
Even in the University of Michigan you can't get away from it
The story barrel rolls to a close, but it's still alive
The KKK still exist and the Nazi don't hide.
Let's just hope that our species can coincide
For our General had a dream that we would all be equal
Under the flag that belongs to the eagle
13 stripes and 50 stars, let's celebrate
The legal war is over and the mental war's begun

Let's take a minute to celebrate
The war that Dr. King did create
Rosa Parks, have a seat, and at any rate
We will march for our rights at stake
We're marching for our freedom and rights
Picking up a righteous fight
The streets are paved in black and white
So join us as we march to our morning light


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