Our Mother Gaia


Frost thinks the world will end with ice,
Or maybe heat and flames.
I think the world will end with us,
Mother Gaia would be ashamed.

Roads and cities are cracks and scars
On the earth that gave us life.
If we stay occupied with buildings and cars,
How will she survive?

Take a walk outside your homes,
Absorb the sights you see.
Are there more streets and parking lots
Than open fields and trees?

Why do we continue to grow
When we kill what's in our ways?
If we all go on with this nonstop destruction,
There will be fewer sunny days.

Is it better to invest in huge machines
That make what the earth provides for free?
Oxygen, water, sunshine, shade:
What we need is clear skies, rain, and trees.

We're all too busy investing in
A future of money and greed.
We're more focused on our current wants
And forget about what the earth needs.

Before you buy the biggest car,
Before you build your house,
Think of what's affected:
Is it a person, the sea, a mouse?

Parts of this planet were destroyed for us,
But we need to fix it if we can.
Think of everything you can do to help,
It's time we protect this land.



The rhyme scheme reminds me of Dr. Seuss. I could picture this having illustrations to go along with it. Nice!

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