Thu, 05/28/2015 - 18:34 -- Gnosis

To answer your question,

the tears we’re a cry for help.

Or more so that i was throwing in the towel,

waving the white flag,

surrendering to this never ending battle

where it feels like I’m fighting for your attention.

I don’t like competing for the biggest portion of your heart,

Love shouldn’t have to be a fight.

A constant push and pull of emotions

constant fear I’m doing something wrong

something that will never be right.

Is this how it is for everyone else?

Or am I just selfish?

The way you looked at me made me seem wrong.

Like I had torn away my skin

and I had shown you something you never wanted to see.

You couldn’t look past my tear stained eyes

and see that I was crying

because we just didn’t fit together the way that we used to.



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