Original poem:" Friends 'til the End?"


If I throw it, you would catch it.

If I had a problem, you would solve it.

Asked for comfort, you would give it.


My friend, you are dear to me.

The world---much worse than the economy---

is violent.

Please...don't be silent.

I want our friendship to stay

Well, don't you feel the same way?


My friend, remain with me.

Surrounding us is dangerous...can't you see?

To have someone to lean on

is difficult if you are gone.

Why not be as we were before?

Birthday parties, sleepovers...this hurts me to the core.

I'm begging you, don't close our 17-year-old door.


My friend, you are no longer here.

My goddness, there is so much I fear.

People dying, children crying...

I need comfort but you're nowhere near.

I stumble without your support

This pain...  never before felt anything of the sort.


My friend, my heart will forever grieve.

Why? Why did you have to leave?











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