Orange Sky


Loud nights,

ears closed,

doors locked, 

tired floors.

I see it all flying through the air into the tiny rooms.

Mama couldn’t give up her love,

so she felt the frost of his soul,

always hoping for the stories

to turn around into fantasies.

Fool her once you escape again,

fool her twice she feels insane,

the third and fourth are just to know

how it feels to be on the top of the world.


It became a daily routine,

became a habit for us to watch and see,

until the cops yelled and knocked

and stopped you before you stopped her heart.

A release of fear poured down from me,

a freedom to experience life in ease.

I made it out right?

I did it without you right?

I can walk around saying I defeated

the one part of me that was evil and i 

can cry about the effects of you today

that never go away, that never go away.


When i see the vision

and the need for forgiveness,

I can try till I try

to make the worst out of my mind.

Every moment plays a part

to grow a flower from each scar.

I’m flawless,

I'm flawless,

Like the matter Bey sings about.

Thanks for the empathy I’ve gained,

and the pain turned into art. 

Now i create.

After I’m done, it’ll be said

that your love was always dead.

But it doesn’t mean mine has to die,

I’ll always look up and sing at night.


Orange sky, you’re so bright,

burning me with your endless light.

I say time to shine and rise above,

there’s so much more to this world.

Time to shine and rise above,

there’s so much more to this world.

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