Or So They Think


I am quite mean

I don’t say much

But when I do

It’s sharp

No smiling from me

Just pent up anger

I’m a miserable person

I hate everyone and everything

Or so they think



I am a lesbian

That’s the only explanation

I never wear makeup

Nor girly clothes

I’m not very feminine

I don’t act the way I should

Like a lady

I must be attracted to women

Or so they think


I am a loser

With barely any friends

The friends I have

Are weird

We don’t like new people

Everyone is an outsider

To us

No one else is allowed in

Or so they think


I am very shy

In all honesty

Anxiety is an old friend

Of mine

Crippling my voice

Afraid to let anyone in

Only talking to a few friends

No one else will accept me

Or so I think


I am always hidden

From the world

I never wear makeup

Or look feminine

It makes me uncomfortable

I don’t want to be objectified

Something for others to stare at

Everyone will judge me

Or so I think


I am fat

I’ve always understood this

And I despise my looks

For this reason

I hide under baggy clothes

I don’t want people to stare

To make fun of me

Any attention at all is bad

Or so I think


Everyone is judgmental

Thinking they know me

At a first glance

I don’t deny their accusations

That would only attract stares

They’re prejudiced without reason

I see this as their loss

I’m a great person inside

Or so I know

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