Opiates of Our Lives

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 21:07 -- syd9881


The days now pass with uncertainty
The world keeps spinning
But the days don't differentiate from one another
The endless opiates don't allow us
To see the real reason for going on in life
I myself have not found that reason 
Although I continue to rack my brain for answers
Answers that cannot be found
But are blocked by the opiates in my life
We believe we know what is right and wrong
What our highest values are
But if we aren't truly living
What is the point to keep going around
If we die tomorrow 
Would we care how well educated we were
Would we wonder what we didn't do
Or wonder what we should have done
The classes, the games, the buzzing
All distracts from the sounds of the wind
The beautiful things in life
The ones you cannot see or hear or feel over the buzzing
Over the opiates


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