An Open Letter To Standardized Teachers


We live

                To the test

                For the test

                By the test

My life is not the test

My life is knowledge

                To the betterment of myself

                For the advancement of human-kind

                By the long hours of work I put in

Attempting to broaden my horizons

Attempting to change the world

                To make it more open

                For future generations

                By learning now to do later

I am not being assisted

I cannot do any of this

                To the test

                For the grade

                By which my academic being is defined

Teacher, teach me to grow

Teacher, teach me to teach myself

                To teach others

                For their benefit

                By learning to learn and not just to memorize

Learning how to do more than appease you

Learning how to do more than

                To just reach a standard

                For a world that settles when it could strive

                By lying lazily on an average and saying that we’re learning


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