Onyx, Sun Rays and Music


Her eyes sparkled like onyx

But her head was bald

She walked slow but steady

Wasn't sure about life but she was ready

And she 

Was beautiful

He lost half his face in the blast

Looks nothing like his past

Children see him and walk fast

But he smiles at them anyway

And the ones brave enough to ask him

Could listen to his stories for days

His voice warms hearts like sunrays

And he

Was beautiful

And they

Are who I aspire to mirror

People who shine like them 

Make me wish my vision was clearer

And when I wake in the morning

I rise

Courageous and sweet

Full of life and unique

Compassionate and kind

Ready for life with an open mind

And when I fall asleep at night

These things don't wash away

I sleep with my face on

I live with my dreams on

And my eyes

Shine like honey in the sun

But my skin, they say, is too dark to be admired

Still, I walk like music is dance

And I talk like rhythm is me

And the ones who are courageous enough to ask

Will listen to my life like song

And I 

Am beautiful...


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