Only Those Who KNOW Me, Know Me


The way my eyebrows arch

And the way the corners of my lips tilt south

Many assume that I'm rude

a bitch

a groutch.

My presence demands respect

however my interior is actually soft and pleasant  

They don't care to know me

And I don't care to know them

Cause if I did, we would've been friends


I'm just not what they wanna see

A confident girl who isn't always smiling gleefully


My curtain is see through

You can see me and I can see you

What you see is what you get

So if you dont like it, you can step.


I'm just a complicated being.

My personality speaks kindness

But my attitude is "I don't give a fuck" at its finest

So whether someone wants to "see me" or not, is up to them

Cause I've always been here.

I'm just selective when it comes to friends.





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