Only Liars Fear the Truth


Only Liars Fear The Truth


It's not what it use to be, A heart and mind that don't agree.
Don't look at life as it is, but as it could be.

I never knew what it was then i found that 
cheap imitation of love.

Torn apart, falling down to my knees. I guess some things aren't meant to be.

I'm tired of being afraid. 
It's like a never-ending dance in a fools masquerade.

Lying all along, Messin' with my head. 
Choking on the words you should have never said.

An endless nightmare
Damage beyond repair
Next time you need me
don't, just look elsewhere

So let me tell you this
there's nothing more exciting
then our first kiss
oh and those hugs I will sure miss
I hope you know I can't satisfy
your every wish

Yes, I've been played
And I have learned from my mistakes
Okay, you win and I lose
So there you are, standing accused
Only Liars Fear The Truth. 




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