One Word


When I'm Alone in the quiet dark all by myself and merely with my thoughts the mind can run rampant.

In one word, what vague or obvious system of letters could sum up an entire existance, is it possible?

It seems so easy to come up with words that could personify emotions in a given moment.

But in my entire instanteous and dynamic existance is there a word so powerful it could be me?

It comes and goes like filler between more prevelant emotions invoked by environment and those around me.

It spreads like an almighty force, always there, although I may not always be aware.

For me its Alone, not lonely, even though I know I'm not actually Alone.

It's easy to find another person to talk with and prove that I'm not Alone, there are people everywhere.

But to me it's that thought that I may not truely exist, that my perception of reality is an illusion.

That I'm merely a thought extended over a matter of seconds to the vast universe around us all.

It scares me, no terrifies me to think that my existance is perpetually in question, but not just mine, all existances.

It's almost funny to think that our everyday problems so petty will end as we do.

To think that I am truely dust in the wind, Alone without purpose... well maybe I am.


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