One Way Love

Unrequited Love, you see, that's my life story,

There's times I wish I could go back to when you didn't exist to me.

Nothing's worse than knowing the person you want to be with

is a made up myth.


I just feel alone,

knowing you won't ever call me on the phone.

Yes, it all sounds cheesy, but you know

for me its really not all that easy.


There's couples on clouds, all in love, but

none are of us when I look above.

But you're the one I've waited and waited for,

only to find you've left me at the door.


All this time, invested in you,

makes me realize why I'm so blue.

Spent every waking hour,

picking at these flowers.


One Way Love, oh it's

Sadder than anything you will ever hear of.


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