One in the Same.


United States
37° 58' 39.27" N, 92° 16' 57.8568" W

A congratulations
Long over due
But you're disapproving.
I never saw this coming,
And then it hit me.

There's a bigger issue here
Then what you say,
He's my father.
I'm not throwing this away.
We're one in the same.

Lost sleep and tears,
Over your opinion.
I guess you don't care anymore.
No one wants to hurt you
But everything is all about you.

One in the same,
I love you both.
The past is the past
Lets start anew and forgive.

Abandoned and resented,
That's what you feel.
But mom I promise you,
I never meant to hurt you.
I will always love you.

But I guess this is done,
Your mind is made up.
And there's no going back,
God says to forgive
And all will be okay.
I'm sorry for everything.


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