One Percent

When things got bad
my dad said to me,
“It goes in cycles.
You have ups
and you have downs,
and in betweens,
and it’s all going to happen whether you like it or not,
because it’s a tough life.
You can’t weaken.”

I think that’s true.
You can feel defeated.
You can feel like giving up on the world
because it has already given up on you,
and you can feel like you’re falling face first
into a pit of snakes and lizards and and broken glass and everything terrible.
It’s going to happen,
because it’s part of the cycle.
But when you’re down so low,
you gotta have a little faith,
like I always say.
You just gotta have faith,
not just in God,
or in yourself,
but faith in life.
Faith that life
No problems were ever solved by brooding,
so just say to yourself,
“Fuck all the fine print
and inhibitions,
Today I’m going to be happy.”
Don’t question it,
no ifs,
no buts.
Just take your favorite hand
and punch through your sad wall
and don’t bother to look at the pieces.
Yes, it’s that easy.
So easy we’re too dumb to realize it.
No, that’s not faking it.
You’re just choosing to be happy,
choosing to have faith,
faith in the cycle,
faith that life will get better,
even just 1% better,
because 99% of life sucks,
but isn’t it worth
that beautiful 1%
to just keep on going?
I don’t know about you,
but I think so.
Because it’s a tough life,
and you can’t weaken,
so you might as well hold on to
that lovely 1%.


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