one more chance


United States
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i need you to give me that chance ..
let me fix my wrongs and right and show you
how i am listening
and ima stop saying and start showing cuz i know
i be saying i care but you dont feel it and
thats were it starts 2 go wrong
and you become pretective
til i truly and actually show you
and stop playin with yo love
and yo heart i need yu to give me
that chance to show
i can do this and make things right .
let me show you how worth it you are on
a different level of catering and
buying you thing cuz material thing
are not important yes i know and understand
you are my lady my baby closer than any friend
you deserve to get spoiled
for all your hard work i thank you once again
i need that chance to love you better than
anyone can cuz thats my job

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