one hit

one hit

a bottle of jack

i cannot breathe

but my bones are laughing.

my lungs struggle to keep up

with my racing thoughts.

bloodshot eyes and fake laughter,

tonight we are friends

but tomorrow you will forget my name.


two hits

a puff of smoke

i cannot tell if the pounding is coming from

the lousy bass or an awful headache.

colors soar nightmares in the form of

“‘i love you”

come to life.

i am shaking.


three hits

tiny capsules i am living in this moment

but at the same time

i am living a million more.

your lips collide with mine

and i know the true definition of high

because despite the taste of alcohol on your breath

and your sloppy tactics

i have never been happier.

i open my mouth to speak

but all that comes from me

is an eruption of laughter.

i want to live in this moment forever.


four hits

a snort

red rum leaves our veins.

my legs fail me

and so i must float.

i see you kissing other girls.

the bottle in my hand is empty

and now so am i.

maybe you only have to be dead inside

to be a zombie.


five hits

a trip

there’s a million stars in the sky

and i only need one to save my life.

tears of laughter turn into tears of sorrow.

hungry eyes watch me.

i want to come down.


six hits

an injection

but i should have slowed down.

i watch it like a movie

it seems like a musical

ambulance sirens roar

in the background

and doctors lead with vocals full of lies.

they come for me.

XO ‘till we overdose.

i am never coming down.




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