One Day

one day all your tears will turn into smiles

and all the nights you cried your self to sleep 

will be the nights you laughed with your friends

those nights you lied awake with no luck in sleeping

will be the nights you sleep as if you never had to wake again

all the times you were awak stu *dying*

will be lost as you sip from your lavender mint tea

while you fill in a wordsearch

as you wait for the pizza you orderd

all those nights you cried because you still could´ńt remember what you 

have studied for 10 hours

will be forgotten on your flight to Hawaii 

all those days you wanted to quit

and just drop out 

will be the glances at your wall where your diploma´s are hung

all those A´s you got while staying at home and not going out for fear of forgetting what you studied

will be the nights out with friends you met along the way

all those nights you wished you could go to sleep and never wake

will be the smiles you caused for staying

all those lives you saved 

would be all the times you were saved

but you just gotta take the rollercoaster that is life

to get to those days

one day, one day it will all make sense


This poem is about: 
Our world


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