have to stay strong

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When you want to be free you got to let it all go Let go of the stress and everything else that's holding you back Can't be worrying about whose dating who and if that boys thinking about you
one day all your tears will turn into smiles and all the nights you cried your self to sleep  will be the nights you laughed with your friends those nights you lied awake with no luck in sleeping
This past year  I reflect that event  Where our new president-elect  Became Donald Trump.  Not only stunned hearts,  But shattered faith  To the country  I thought we could trust. 
At first, I thought I was a simple person that lived a simple life School hasn't been it's usual as weeks go by It's different, I was different My artistic skills have been lacking, because of fear Stress
You're okay Don't be scared They don't hate you Don't say that It was a mistake Don't hide your face Yes, they're going to talk Don't cry I know it's hard, but you have me
I'm lost. I'm lost and I don't know where to go from here. I'm being battered by the whirling chaos that is my mind. I'm doing things that I never thought I would. 
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