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Cinderella dressed in blue Did not, in fact, forget her shoe.  Racing away from the ball,  She let a letter to the prince fall.    She wanted to work on improving the kingdom day by day. 
Words unknown, tangled in throats And a constant hum in her ears The world is her oyster and she is the sea Trapped in a melody only she can hear Toes curl over the edge Take a deep breath
They really tried to get me to go to the ball "Without you, Cinderella, it won't be fun at all!" "Ha! With my left feet? I'm not interested in that." Then my godmother got interested and next to me she sat.
The "Magic" Carpet,  No more soaring or tumbling, Battery is drained.
Once upon a time, Once upon a time, over and over history has chimed. All the classical stories, the songs and the rhymes, now what if you found out that it was all lies?
The shoe didn’t fit.   The disappointed woman trudged away, sulking, and disappearing into the circle of curious townsfolk
They gave me a name and started writing my story. I was give girly characteristics and made to be a boy's dream girl.
The Boy who has lived For hundred of years Sneaks silently Watching my tears Though I have wept Those secrets well kept
Why must my own reflection Show so much hate and defection? Mirror Mirror of the wall,  What makes makes Snow White The fairest of them all?
Once upon a time, Is where you’d like to start But this is no fairytale More of a gleam into the dark. The Glass slippers everyone talks about
Evil Stepfamily They burn my senses killing me slowly from the inside  I see their effects on me Through disorienting lenses  From the world they force me to hide
Once upon a time, There was a beautiful mistress. Her story is cruel; You don't want to miss this.   With a name like Cinderella Can cause quite the mutter. Causing her to isolate herself
My Prince The look you gave me kind of scared me, You smiled at me and grabbed my hand, I didn’t know why you cared so much about who I was and what I did, But you did and it made me trust you,
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