Once Clean

The insecurites felt by woman all around easily outweigh the blank smiles on their faces. Walking the streets, car keys in hand, finger almosts pressing the panic button just in case. Scared. Worried. Panic. Called Paranoid. Those things on the news are just horror stories, they never really happen. You start to beieve until a man approaches. Confident, Strong. You don't know what to do and suddenly you are stripped of all your innocence.


Don't know what to do, who to tell. Anyone? Is anyone there?

Listen to me, listen to my plea.This isn't right, there's violence on the street. Never safe,run don't walk walk away from the danger in our own backyards. No one to turn to. Am I the victim or did I bring it on myself? This so-called "Rape Culture" is real life, no sign of change. No means yes. Never safe. Always running.

Does anyone care? Is there anyone left? Anyone to help this massive injustice?

No one. NO ONE.

No one should ever feel like there is no one to care, no one to help. It's an insult to me I'M RIGHT HERE!

You will never be alone. Let me take your hand. And together we can rage a war against any man who DARES to think you aren't human, devoid of feeling. Stand tall, stand strong. Stand up.



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