Once I stared at the page

All it took was a second

The words would come, the sounds so easy


But then the heartbreak came

The abandonment from those I loved

And I couldn't write

I couldn't paint...

I couldn't sing

Everything was gone

I was gone

There was nothing left...


No one came back

I'd lost my family

I'd lost my senses

My only outlet? 

Tearing apart my life, just so I could put it back together


Control unlike letting go

To write words

To listen

To make sounds or paint people


Then, the wound began to heal

I can sing again

I can paint again

But writing? 

Still foreign

I don't understand...

But maybe I can start

Maybe I can reincarnate


I hope for it

I yearn for it

I need it

How do I do it?


Like this. 




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