Oh Little Doggy

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 02:47 -- tbritte


Oh my little doggies, I see you all in there.
Barking and whining, hoping someone cares.
Oh no little doggies, Why is it just one?
I would take you all with me to give you life and fun.
Hello little doggy, we're happy to meet you, too.
Let's take you for a walk. I wonder how you'll do?
Wow little doggy, we're lovestruck with you so.
We'll take you to our home and never ever go.
Come here little doggy, why fear our friends?
What makes you believe they are all demons?
Thanks little doggy, for helping my mom out.
You are always there for her when I'm not about.
What little doggy? I heard you saved Mom's life!
You alerted to her seizure and made it be alright.
Oh little doggy, evermore your name be praised!
Our struggles are forgotten and everything has changed.
Hooray little doggy! You look so joyful here.
I'm so glad to see you no longer live in fear.
I know little doggy, with you my mom is safe.
I put my trust in you and every drop my faith.
I promise little doggy, from the day we found each other,
We will never be apart: Dog, Daughter, and Mother.
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awwww, love this!

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