Sun, 05/11/2014 - 20:49 -- TAM3858

My self infliction makes me second guess my so-called addiction

Eeleven stiches to match my eyes, they heard my cries

When I was in a denial of my proclaimed suicidal state of mind

And on my arm the devil signed

It was a centimeter away from death

I it could have been my last breath

"A miracle you're alive"

My thoughts begin to wander to where they all derive

I want to blame you with everything in my heart

But even without you my life is still falling apart

I don't want to die, I cry

But your stoic face reminds me of her and how it's all such a blur

I was molested in your sight- vested with disgrace upon my skin

I was raped in your vision- but ultimately you made the decision

And here I am using such presision

In deciding to take it on I will no longer be your pawn..

It's my fault completely and I'm muttering rather meekly...

I forgive you


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