Ocean of Tears

Ocean of tears

Empty Heart

Questioning who I am,

A single cloud

A loud storm

Never feeing warm.

Nothing but doubt

Nothing but pain

All that has been said,

Don't have any words to say

All hope is dead.

Feeling weak

Feeing alone

Never letting go,

Of all the things that did me wrong

Self-esteem is low.

Not knowing what else to do

I look at my bad,

I am unhappy of what I see

I am hurt and just so mad.

It is hard to understand why life is like this

What made the world turn against me,

But I have to realize that

There is light in the future.

Light that will help me.

When there is nothing but fog

It is hard to express my mind,

But it is important to know

That I am one of a kind.

What if people won't listen?

What if they judge my bad?

What if they just ignore me?

What if for me, they aren't sad?

I am mad at myself for whatever reason

But I will learn to accept me for me,

Because doing that will help me see

Who I am supposed to be.

I won't know before I try

To get my feelings out,

People may not understand

But it will be better than giving up.





I hope you like my poem!


I hope you like my poem!


I hope you like my poem!

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