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I will be The Judge, You will be The Jury. I’ll believe in the happy never-afters and the long-forgotten fables. Rebut me as much as you like, Jury.
Hi daddy. Remember this morning when you left for work You promised to come play with me when you got home. I set up the teacups and food for us with mommy Oh! And I made the tea that’s actually water all on my own.
It's hard not to fall in love with someone when you spend so much time with them and see them for who they really are, especially when they think you are not watching their every move.
She was completely engulfed with his presence. Never in the world had she seen a man so beautiful; what amazed her more is the fact that he had no earthly idea.
I live in a world full of deaf people With nonsense parents always unaware While their child cries up in their steeple They neither hear nor do they even care   A time of life, a time of truth
Strength is something not many people have Courage is something many people lack Belief is something most of us claim
How are you?
Walking past hundreds of people
funny how tonight shell be across the city and tonight hell be lying alone but tonight the oblivious two will be talking to eachother through the moon outside their windows
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