a nurturing Mother

attention, affection,

hugs so tight! 

He's invincible- 

brighter than the stars at night.


a doctor, an astronaut,

Singer in a band,

books in his mind

are a future in his hand


Success and power

worries adrift


held as a treasured gift! 


shackled, weary

tossed aside,

her family ordered her to hide.


swept, mopped

dusted, shined

locked up,

domestically confined


sorrow, pity

helpless but-

could she help herself?

she gave employment a shot.


ridicule, backlash

twenty hour shift

the Boss demands heels

and red lip stick


tight shirt, mini skirt

exhausted, heavy breathing

she collapses- 

the Boss gives her a swift beating


Late night, no light

100 hour week

looking for the bus stop

tripping in the streets


darkness, alleyway

bloody lead pipe

Ignorace is birthing 

a Stereotype.


running, screaming

bleeding, crying

fshe was born dead

and now she was dying


used, broken

they knew she would fail 

inhale, exhale

inhale, exha-


carcass, rotting

Putrid reek

they began the search for her 

after three weeks


bad girl, slut

disgraceful whore

she deserved what she got for

what she wore


murder, rape

f  e  m  i  c  i  d  e


the newspapers lied.


hatred, violence

bloody lead pipe

Ignorace is birthing

a Stereotype. 



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