Nothing I Did

Mistakes should have been my middle name.

Yet Lord, You loved me just the same.

Nothing I did deserved Your grace,

But still my sin Lord, You erased.


My nightmare's now once upon a dream,

And turned mediocre into extreme.

Nothing I did ever got me here,

I owe all to You and Who You are!


The road to love was a rocky one,

Because no one cared, I was alone.

Nothing I did asked for You Lord,

Yet still it was me that You sought for.


Lonely and seeking at least one friend,

But God, You brought my search to an end.

Nothing I did could fill that space,

Yet I found You and Your welcome grace.


Light in the darkness we all grope in,

You know who we are and where we've been.

Nothing we do could make us worth

All the love You shower upon us, Lord.

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Our world
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