Notebook (Extra)


I'm like that extra notebook everyone has.
You put notes and secrets into it
Hiding them away, because everyone has a past.
You console your darkest feelings into me,
Not knowing how much graphite hurts the paper.
But once your secrets are with me,
They cannot be erased.
They cannot be scribbled out, torn apart, or shredded up!
They are ALWAYS with me.
You forget about them sometimes,
You tuck that notebook away so nobody knows who you really are,
What you're really all about.
What you believe, and don't believe.
You only use me to vent.
I'm not that amazing 5 subject notebook
"Wow what a great deal!"
I'm that 99 cent notebook with 70 pages 
"Bought it just cus"
I get tossed around,
Thrown down,
Rolled up.
Only to use me as entertainment,
a source of enjoyment.
I mean, that's ok
I like to make people happy.
If my pain makes you happy,
Let it be.
Ge ahead, beat me up
break me down,
rip all my pages out,
scribble everywhere.
Beat me up while I'm down.
One day you'll need me.
You'll regret beating me up
Throwing me down,
Tossing me around! 
You'll need that notebook for something important.
You'll wish you hadn't torn my spiral spine.
I was only 99 cents,
How strong can I be?
How long did you expect me to last?
Because I'll fall short of your expectations.
My fragile spiral spine will be torn apart
My weak pages will rip into pieces.
And I will be done.
I will be in the trash,
in a far away landfill.
I'll be long gone,
You won't be able to reuse or recycle me.
My body will have already gone into rigor mortis,
Decomposing from the fungi that lingers in those landfills.
I'll be gone by the time you could even think to want me back.
One day you'll need me,
And I'll be long gone.


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