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A message from your frontal lobe: Mutual Respect has fled the country, perhaps the globe In his absence, we have many new chores Oppression and persecution, bombings and wars Mutual Respect sends his regrets
Football is not just a sport, it is a passion. I did not choose my current destiny with foot ball, it chose me.
Starting over Cawe just start over? Can we become strangers oneagai?
If everything is dipped in gold it most certainly will never grow, everything sweet not sugar coated. When the pain is deep its highly-noticed. Often times it's hard to focus.
I'm like that extra notebook everyone has.
Yes, today it might be rainy and  the sun might never shine,  but if you look beyond the clouds  it's shining bright behind.  It's ok to be yourself and just  let go for a while. 
It's not just scraping teeth or flouride treatments.Not just wearing scrubs or poking gum.
Shall I compare thee to a spring's rain? Nature's winds that sometimes remains silent, And the rain drops that come and go away Forever being the most defiant.   I'm loving the refreshing and cool breeze,
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