Not Me


United States
41° 4' 6.1644" N, 81° 32' 45.348" W

(poems go here) Its da same stuff jus a different day n I'm tired I'm tired of da fussin n fightin da uncontrolable cryin I'm tired of goin 2 bed at 4am thnkn wat if? Its a repeated circle of lies betrayl I gave u all of me my heart, mind, n soul u took frm me u was my everything da wind beneath my wings da air dat I breathe it seemed like we both changed ur not da person I fell n Love wit n I'm da person dat I neva wanted 2 b I never thought dat Loving u dis much would bring about so much hurt n pain we had dat Jupiter Love dat Love nobody could explain ur Love was like a drug 2 me n I was addicted wat I felt n how I felt words n nobody could tell me different I never fell so deep I must of tripped on a rock n fell into a deep sleep cuz my name is Lovely but da person I have become is not me ~Not Me


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