Not A Game

Press start to begin

Fighter thrown into battle

Decked out in armor


It is just a game

It’s a game you want to win

Excited, you run


Each monster seems small

Up the difficulty

You can handle it


Level up; grow up

It’s all a game isn’t it

You can’t be hurt here


Then the pain feels real

And the graphics got better

The world seemed to dim


You begin to fight

Now press B to punch

The ring is too small


You punch and nothing

You kick and there’s nothing left

You can’t fit; small


There is nothing there

The match has many viewers

And no one reffing


You can’t fight anymore

The button is too sticky

Not that it matters


Fighting doesn’t work

There is nothing you can do

You stop working too


Hold still, hold still, hold

Maybe if you stop moving

You can disappear


The game stops working

Medicines and therapies

You can’t find your save


This isn’t a game

Endless pain, endless sorrow

The drudge of living


People live like this

On drugs, on pain, on nothing

People die like this


When you are alone

When danger creeps in at night

You should have safety


When people don’t understand

They get so scared that they run

This is not a game


Be kind to others

Those who live in fear of life

Need a friend with them


Press start to begin

When you make someone smile

You are winning, too



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