Noose of the Mind

Don't you feel the noose of night

slowly tightening around your thoughts.

Sufficating you slowly.

You hold a blade in your hand

slashing at the silence that hides it all...

the things you never said

the creatures crawling through your head...

only to realize that it is not the silence you have cut at all.

Every moment you remember 

is always bitter sweet,

thinking about what was, what is, what could be.

Every time the scar heals you reopen the wound

just to relive the memory of both better days and of the worst

simply because it is impossible to forget.

The world is not that of colors,

when all you see is night and day,

no dusk nor dawn,

all colors have faded into shades of grey.

Nothing is wrong,

nothing is right,

when you hold it up to any light.


Everthing you believe comes crashing down,

as the clock strikes the new day,

in the echoing darkness.

Lost in the oblivion of the mind,

bloodshot eyes wander without limits,

see nothing before them,

but darkness.

From every corner of the oblivion they creep

slowly into sight,

with no form or sound,

becoming nothing and everything.

The creatures, monsters of my mind

consume it all

the joy the hope,

leavinf behind fear and despair,

as the noose of night slowly...

takes my




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



i think youre a really talented writer, and should continue on with writing about such strong feelings. you express them very well.



Thank you!

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