Selfies? Those arent me
my words represent the truest version of myself
without filters I have never sounded more like myself
people go years without finding their voice
well, I have found mines and made it known

The authentic version of myself is the truth
no yes man over here, just oodles of reality
without filters, eyes are opened
without filters, minds are free
filters hold us back from what's actually there

Filters are lies
where there are lies, there are assumptions
where there are assumptions, there is lack of trust
where there is lack of trust, there is everything
...and nothing at the same time

When we don't embrace our own thoughts and selves,
we hide
then we wonder why no one knows our true self,
when its our own fault

The world may feel that cursing is not lady like
that being bigger than others should not be accepted, but looked down upon
or that speaking out about “iffy” subjects only makes them worse
but I don't
because thats not authenticity at all

The most authentic version of myself comes freely baring all
and most of all me

I am giving myself to the world as an open book to be
read with
cried with
laughed with
enjoyed with
and embraced with

I accept my larger physique,
I accept my sailor language,
and I accept my beliefs that racism of all kinds is wrong,
homosexual marriage should be allowed everywhere,
and that the cost of living is ridiculous

So, no to filters
hiding behind the thoughts of what others think I should look like,
what they think I should sound like,
and most of all what others think I should think like


This poem is about: 
Our world


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