No One Really Knows

She sits alone

In the dark

Trying to find the light

In the only thing she has ever known

In her hand she holds a knife

It’s her only escape from the world

Where she’s all alone

Innocent child

With a harmless smile

That could do no wrong

No one expects

Anything less

Hair always in place, perfectly dressed

Her make up never runs but

Her smile hides so much more.

No one will ever know what she has done…

To herself


She smiles with all she has left,

But tears are left un-dried

And though she has so much to say,

She bottles it up inside

She softly whispers to herself

“I’m tired of crying,

I’m tired of lying,

I know I’ve been smiling,

But inside I’m dying.”


Does anybody see her?

Does anybody hear her?

They all fall for the fake smile.

They all fall for the pretty face.

Oh! But in a little while,

She’ll be in a better place.


Stereo blasting

Boom boom

Trying to drown out her life

Bang boom

She picks up her knife

Her only relief

Tears streaming

She starts screaming

No matter how deep she cuts

The relief always leaves

Then she lies on the floor

With tears and blood continuing to pour


She needs someone to listen

Someone to check her wrists

Someone to show they care

But for now she’s all alone

Waiting for a reason

She tries to speak but is silenced

Begging for help

But continually ignored

All she wants is someone to notice her

To love her

To need her…


The blood dances down her arm

A crimson pool reflects her pain

“This is like a living hell!”

She looks in the mirror but things are no clearer.


Shaking in pain

The wounds drive her insane


But for now she’s alone

Laying on the floor

Tears streaming



With the stereo blaring

She gets up

Walks over to the dresser

Whispers a prayer

Passionately pops a plethora of pills to pass out

Lies down, and escapes for a little while


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