No Need For Education



"He says you smell good

and thinks you're really pretty."


"He said he loves me.

Why would he lie about that?"

High heels

"I met this girl

with legs that go on for days!"

Make up

"I hate it when girls wear make up."

"Oh, is that what you look like in the morning?"


"You know, a push-up bra wouldn't hurt.

I mean, you're not like her."


"I need to fit into my prom dress,

so I'll take one little bite and... throw the rest away." 


"I'm too young to be a dad!"

"I am not a whore!"


"Why would he say that...?" 

"Hey man, did you hear about --?"


"Come on, man, it won't kill you!"

"Don't be such a wimp."


"You can't treat me this way!"

"You know, I just need to remove myself from the situation."

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I wrote this poem for every reason mentioned in it; labels, pregancy, drugs, all that good stuff. I believe it is important to recognize the struggles and little stereotypes in the world we live in, whether it regards the image the media sets for women to live up to or natural disasters. The best thing we can do to help is to find strength in ourselves. For only then will we have the power to change the world. Nobody can help another until they help themselves. Stay safe, stay strong.

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