No Change

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 10:05 -- RosieR

In a pride of lions, the lioness hunts while the male stays back

In many species of birds the male's bright feathers elaborate dances and song are desperate attempts to attract female birds

Female preying mantises eat the male after mating for extra protein


When was it that she was known as Weak  Unintelligent  Submissive Worthless

To put her head down in shame of who she is?

To be a cow, tied up and sold

To be a prisoner, chained for her gender

Forced to pull a curtain over her words and actions.

Itching to tear that curtain down  Shred it to pieces with the claws protruding from her pain The claws she must keep inside her while they slowly lacerate her insides

She bleeds to death           No one sees          No one cares

Its culture   Its custom   Its how God meant it to be

She is taken advantage of        Its her fault

In the East she is sold for a cow       She is worthless

In the South she is traded for savings        She is worthless

In the West she is raped for her actions      She is worthless






She is a lioness ready to hunt  A powerful Amazonian warrior unafraid and ready to fight 

 She stands at the top of the world, gazing down at a horizon of never ending earth 


She is free


Tall  Powerful Strong Intelligent Leader Fighter Smart






She bows her head in submission

She is nothing


Her chains rattle against her swollen ankles

She screams until her voice shakes and cracks

No one hears  No one cares

No change


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