outer space

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as heat envelops my small body, and the earth disappears from view, i have to wonder what i did  to deserve this debut.   
The Neverland Fan     I never want to grow up! What’s the point anyway?When you can fly up in the sky, and play around all day. 
I know I can’t compete with the stars. What there is to see in the stars is endless.  I see the constellations and am reminded of a structure I can’t maintain. 
Up above in the emptiness of space
Control is now Time escapes Strength is now, Emotion flees. Anger simmers Love lukewarm Focus off body cool.   The thing you want is trying to kill you. Embrace
Starlight trickles down the latticework As haughty hearse tires grind past astral asphalt As though recklessly inclined To ferry death’s last claimed Across timeworn cosmic avenues Across God made time
I wish that I  could learn to fly and swim through the sky at night with the comets and the spaceships and stars.
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