That Night


I fell asleep thinking I was safe but that feeling soon faded away

I woke up to a touch I knew wasnt right
I knew i had to put up a fight

I got out of that bed and ran to the restroom, I wasnt sure what had just happened but i couldnt help but cry, I wasnt sure if I wanted to tell anyone, I was just a little girl, theyd think its a lie

I tried telling my aunt but all she said was "dont worry, it was just a dream"

But I knew it wasnt just a dream, it was real, and i knew it

I didnt speak more of it, I held it in for so long

It ate me inside

I died inside

I became afraid of so many things and people, that night I learned there is bad people

That night I lost my innocence and
all that was left was this horrible memory i long to forget


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