New Beginnings


College is the time to be free

To soar and be oneself

To explore what the world has to offer

Everyone experience is different

People say it the best experience

Others say that it's hard

To me its lonely

Why do I feel soo lonely?

Even tho I have friends

Even when

I'm part of a organization

I feel like I belong no where

I'm afraid of not being accepted

Homesickness makes it the worse


I feel like I have no one to reply on

I have expressed it to others

Some feel the same way

Why so much hype about college

If it only brings you stress

College isn’t what it seems to be

You have to constantly be cheerful

First impression are the thing

One wrong step and there is no return


At first I thought I was just lonely due to the lack of close friends

Friends I can reply on

But maybe its the homesickness

Maybe I'm used to having someone there for me

Having family surround me

Having a positive and loving energy



The real world is one step ahead

Can I bear it?

Can I survive?


College has open my mind to many possibilities

There are so much to offer

So many different type of people

It's a learning experience

An experience to survive as an adult

To live on my own


College gave me my first love and my first heart break

There may be a chance to get back together

But the possibilities are low

I'm still learning

It's painful

But I'm still learning

It will mold me into a better person


It's now back to school season

I'm ready for my second

Maybe excited?

My first year was a roller coaster

Maybe it was insecurities?

Maybe the change?

But being away from home was painful


But with this new year coming

I will make the best of it

I will take advantage of everything at my fingertips

The resources the school offers

Happiness is within my grasp


Lets make one thing clear though

My first year is memorable

I meet great people

I made friends

I am happy

There were constant times I feel lonely

But college has a lot to offer

So I don’t regret going at all

It's a learning experience


I'm grateful for the experience

It makes me into a stronger and better person




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