A New Beginning


I am a new beginning

A jump across a puddle and two hops to the left

Press start.

Look up. The dreams no longer satisfy who I am


I am a force 

Not a physical matter to measure

But an internal existence that glides

I glide through the air

I glide through the broken window in the second classroom right

outside of the English department.


I am not this town

The oppressive racial slurs 

Whispers heard


The hispanic, the unknown, the forgotten soul of the school


I am not broken

I am not hurt by the words, the words 

of a God

Not a God I believe

But a God who rules upon others

restraining freedom, love, and individuality.


I am not your rug

I am not the 15 year old doormat that you brush your feet off of

everday after school


I am a person

I am a lover, a listener, a leader

An equal form of life


I am a new beginning

A fresh piece of recycled paper

Off-white, environmentally friendly

I am a fresh start.

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